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My texts ... I'm selfish, impatient, jealous and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I'm a little out of control and at times hard to handle. I'ma Leo, I live in the interior, done swimming, gymnastics, ballet, karate and model courses that went nowhere. Sometimes I come to love animals more than some people, for these and other as a child dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, medical, model, gymnast. I'm very shy, which harms me much as I want and sometimes do not want to, which is modeling. Sometimes playing more, but when it comes to speak very seriously and I lose my shame. I have lived in Minas, but went back to the state of São Paulo, as a child studied in eight schools, had many friends, but I lost contact with most of the time, but true friendships remain beside me despite the distance. I'm a hard girl to make friends, do not trust people. Most people hate me, but I guess some like me as I am, and do not change to please anyone and learned it since childhood with my mother. I always like the wrong guy, I like the style of a different man, but I have an immense attraction for skater, I'm in love with tattoos and piercings. I love who makes me laugh. I'm pretty eclectic, but I'm not a big fan of rock, more like Demi Lovato, of course you will say that is because it became a "fad" like it, but I like her and Selena Gomez before they become so famous, and I feel an enormous pride in everything that happened to Demi and wonderful person she became. I love my family too. And I always thought Felipe Dylon beautiful. My biggest dream, though, although I think I'm ugly, is to be a better model Gisele Bundchen and the better known it, yes, I dream big and hope that the fall is not so great, but it was great but get over right. In college I want to question two completely different things, fashion, or chemistry, and do not know what to do. Yes, I study in a public school and I have thought so, because out of a private school, the best score in mathematics of the room is mine, and I'm very proud of it, but only in Portuguese and péeessima hate doing essays. I'm afraid of heights, but I love roller coaster and I am eager to parachuting and bungee jumping. Yeah, I'm not a normal person, no one is normal, and this is best part of life!


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